Thinking of selling your school?

Whatever the pedagogy of your school and wherever you are in the journey of your transition — whether it is to expand your school, change ownership or retire, we want to hear from you! 

As a global leader in providing premium childhood education, we understand the importance of this decision. 

The need to be consistent and reliable

Our goal is to continue providing a home where your students and staff can stay together and continue to flourish.

Every school is unique

We are excited to learn more about what makes your community special and work alongside you to map out a plan to ensure a seamless transition.

Legacy planning

Whether your motivations are to sell your school, spend time with family, or retire —  we will work with you to find a solution. 

World class education program

We are eager to bring our education expertise and our world-class Montessori pedagogy to your community.

We recognize the importance of the school that you have built in the community. We are passionate educators and are here to start a conversation with you to help find the right transition for your school. 

We are the largest private operator of Montessori schools in the U.S. 

Higher Ground Education (HGE) offers high agency, accredited schooling from infancy through adolescence with Guidepost Montessori (6 weeks through elementary) and Academy of Thought & Industry (middle and high school) brands.

0—3 Years

3—6 Years

6—12 Years

12—18 Years

Who are we looking for?

Owners who are focused on community and childhood education

We want to connect with owners who have a great reputation in their community with children, parents, staff and beyond. 

Real Estate

If you own or lease your school, we will create a solution that meets your needs.  We will consider all geographic locations.


"I began as the first Head of School for HGE's first acquisition in August, 2016, in Charlotte, NC.  After opening and helping to stabilize our Prosperity campus, I went on to open our Lake Norman campus and now 'reside' at our Spruce Tree campus in Raleigh, all in North Carolina. What makes Higher Ground unique and an excellent work environment is the amazing and dedicated support system we have. One never feels alone because one is never alone. There is always a helping hand to guide you.....Montessori to the core.

– Dolores J. Murgolo, Head of School - Guidepost Montessori at Spruce Tree


How does this work and what should I do next?

Step One - Connect!


Submit the form below to indicate your interest in pursuing a sale of your school.

Step Two - Sharing Information


We will request information about the school and the property so we can start our evaluation process.  

Any information shared will be kept confidential .

Step Three - School Valuation


We will work with you and make an offer for your school and real estate if applicable. 

Step Four - Plan the Transition


We will work with you and your team to strategize and finalize the transition plan. This will include finalizing legal documents, helping you communicate to staff and parents, and working to address any licensing matters. 

Questions? Let's Chat.

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Ready to take the first step? 

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