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Childcare Operators

As a global leader in providing premium early childhood education, we understand the importance of the community you have built – let us work with you and your team to sell or convert your school.

Position your school to continue growing and ensure it is set-up to thrive long term by partnering with a team that has expertise in education management and a passion for high-quality education.

Our goal is to continue providing a home where your students and staff can stay together and continue to flourish.  

Every school is unique. We are excited to learn more about what makes your community special and work alongside you to map out a plan to ensure a seamless transition.

We are eager to bring our many decades of combined education expertise to expand on what has already been developed and provide a world-class program for your community. 

At Higher Ground, we understand and appreciate the sensitivity surrounding the transition of a school and will ensure that we will not contact staff or families.

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